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Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico
« The legitimacy of judicial actors and access to justice for people in a situation of vulnerability in front of the law.»
Coordinators: Pierre Gilles Bélanger, Arturo Argente Villarreal,
Jaime Alberto Sandoval Mesa
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Constitution and Rule of Law – comparative experiences
Editors: Claudio Nash, Constanza Núñez, Natalia Morales, Marie-Christine Fuchs
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General Law Review
Canada’s Role in Protecting Human Rights in the Americas

Editor: Wilson & Lafleur, inc
Revue Québécoise de droit international (RQDI)

Special issue March 2015 – The Rule of Law in Latin America and Canada
Editors : Sébastien Grammond, Pierre Gilles Bélanger et all.
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Video resources


The role of the Judge in the inequality of women  / A gender perspective

The re-victimization of women in the penal system


Definition of Victim

The role of the judges in front of the victim

Obstacles in the criminal process for women

The contaminated evidence Women in the criminal process

The repair of the damage

International standards in Justice Courts

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