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Creating dialogue

In the americas

A research network on Public Institutions and promotion of inclusive Justice and Human Rights

+ than 50 Academic experts collaborating across America

 In dialogue with different legal actors, generating evidence, knowledge and practice, through multidisciplinary and empirical research.

Creating literature, conferences and seminars

Researchers and judicial actors promoting topics and knowledge exchange for a change in legal culture.

Who are we?

We are a network in the Americas that brings together professionals, academics and scholars involved in the study of justice system institutions in the region. The network promotes education on the rights and freedoms of individuals before public institutions, as well as training institutional actors in international human rights law.


To this end, the Network generates new knowledge, evidence and shares best practices through studies, interdisciplinary collaborative research and dialogue with legal actors and civil society. Our aim is to propose alternatives and responses to the obstacles that specially protected groups face in exercising their right of access to justice, as well as to respond to the challenges posed by the legitimacy of democratic governance of justice in the region.

For an exchange
of experiences and knowledge

The mission


The platform focuses mainly on legal and political thinking, institutional practices of government agencies and civil society organizations in order to share and produce knowledge and best practices in the Americas, promote the relevance, integrity and democratization of public institutions, as well as the protection and respect for human rights, with special emphasis on segments of the population that require special protection, and educate the population by contributing to the inclusion of this knowledge in the educational process of the various countries.


The vision


To be a model at the inter-American level in the production of knowledge, sharing and dissemination of various ideas, best practices and intercultural dialogues in relation to justice systems and the defence and promotion of human rights, producing relevant proposals that are widely disseminated and discussed in the political, social and legal spheres of the countries of the continent.

Our 5 Goals

Specific objectives

1. To develop broad debates and critical analysis based on an assessment of the differences and diversities in the region.

2. To investigate the different problems and challenges related to the continent's public institutions and the enforcement of human rights, based on the social and political reality of the countries whose institutions make up the Platform. 

3. To develop training activities and sharing of knowledge and experiences with experts, legal and judicial actors, civil society organizations and the community in general.

4. To train the educational community, especially students, on the common challenges faced in the Americas, especially in the area of justice.

5. Contribute, with the products generated by the members of the Platform, to the debate and public discussions on justice and human rights in accordance with contemporary discourses in the search for proposals that help overcome the common problems identified in the Americas.

Partners  & Alliances

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