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For 35 years, I have been practicing as a lawyer in my country of origin Canada and globally, with expertise in International Human Law, Constitutional Law,
Criminal & Inter-American.

A little
about me

Mi Historia

My Story

I started my professional career at the Ministry of Justice of Canada in 1989 in administrative, constitutional, criminal law and in the training of experts and dispute resolution mechanisms. All this experience was channeled geographically in Latin America and the Caribbean, allowing me to have leadership in crucial areas related to Democracy and Law in the Americas for the last 25 years.

At the same time, I completed a doctorate in law at the University of Ottawa, delving into penal reforms to provide a more legitimate approach to the criminal process and bring us closer to citizens and improve access to justice, particularly for groups in a situation of vulnerability before the law.


Currently, this work developed over many years, led me to collaborate with a group of inter-American researchers in law and research.

My Collaborations
In the Americas

Colaboraciones en América
Naranja Negrita y Moderno Relaciones Públicas Consultor Portafolio Sitio Web (1)
Legal Assistance - Good Democratic Practices -
Human Rights / 2000 to 2007
  • Venezuela (Caracas)

  • Argentina (B.A.)

  • Chile (Santiago)

  • Trinidad and Tobago (Port of Spain)

  • Washington D.C.

  • Saint Lucia (Castries)

  • Barbados (Bridgetown)

  • Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)

  • Colombia (Bogota - Cartagena)

  • Bolivia (La Paz)

  • City of Panama

  • Brazil (Brasilia)

  • Peru (Lima)

  • Paraguay (Asuncion)

  • Mexico City

  • Uruguay (Montevideo)

For 3 decades, I had the opportunity to collaborate and transmit my knowledge in justice and law throughout the Americas, both at the academic level and in government agencies.

They were varied experiences, where I never stopped learning and at the same time forging leadership in teams, as a coordinator in education, training, creation of study platforms, and most importantly, continuing to build bridges of trust between the actors of change.
Trainings to
Judges and other Judicial Actors

​   Mexico 2017 - 2020

  • Toluca

  • Mexico City

  • Puebla

  • San Luis de Potosí

  • Hidalgo (Pachuca)  

  • Zacatecas

  • Chetumal (Quintana Roo)

  • Tuxtla (Chiapas)

  • San Pedro de las Casas (Chiapas)

  ​ Haiti

  • Port - Au - Prince

  • Les Cayes


  • Ottawa

  • Montréal

  Ukraine  /  Vietnam

1998 - 2022

Workshops & Research
2017 - 2020

​   France

  • Le droit de savoir et d'oublier

  ​ Canada

  • Le sujet de droit: a Hegelian reflection of the Cour Suprême du Canada

  • The right and the internet

  • Access to information and private life

  • The judicial errors

  • freedom of religion

  • The interamerican system of human rights


  • penal reforms 

  • The legitimacy and responsibility of judicial actors in the criminal process for some vulnerable groups

  • Standards of the Inter-American Human Rights System

  • Indigenous villages

  • Rome Statute


  • Transitional Justice - Some inter-American examples

  • Criminal systems - A comparative analysis


  • The democratic transition in the institutions


  • femicide

  • sentences and women

  • Cases of judicial errorsPrejudice in decisions

  • The Human Rights Commission and the Ayotzinapan case

  • Judicial reforms and their modern challenges


  • Cybercrime and human rights


  • Budapest Convention

Professional experience

  • LinkedIn

2010 -  2022

2002 -

1990 - 

PhD  - University of Ottawa
¨The abbreviated procedure in Chile: a Bourdieusian analysis of the legitimacy of judicial reforms.¨

Law professor
Visiting professor - Mexico, Chile and Colombia. Courses in International Relations, Criminal Law - International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution.

Ministry of Justice of Canada
Three decades of expertise oriented to legal advice for the Canadian Government.

My associations with the
University of Ottawa
Experiencia Profesional
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